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Waav Runner Headphones

Revolutionize your workout

HVR Mini Drone

World’s smallest drone

SlimVolt SlimCard

The size of a credit card

HVR Mini Drone

Flips and Rolls

WAAV Rocker Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Small speaker, big sound

What Reviewers are Saying

Amazing quality, amazing band! I absolutely love this watch band. It has replaced my old watch band as my every day wear band. I originally had purchased this band thinking I would wear it in more formal settings. I tend to just wear the silicone bands as I stay active most days and thought that was what best suited my style of living. However, after putting it on the first time I have never wanted to take it off again – I love the way it looks and feels.


An Extraordinarily Small & Thin Portable Charging Source! I bought this Pocket Thin Slim Card 2500 maH battery charger by SlimVolt as a gift for my wife. We have used other chargers and some of them are pretty impressive. However, this one had a feature that none of the others had. It’s size. It’s a tad bit bigger than a credit card which is pretty amazing. But what makes this charger so extraordinary is how thin it is.


Small and mighty, this speaker is unbelievably awesome! This little speaker is small but MIGHTY! It is one of my very favorite speakers that I own. Not only does it have a clip on it so I can clip it to my bag or keys and I always have it with me. It is tiny ,but the sound that emits from it is superb.


Tiny little futuristic looking drone with still and video camera! I have never flown a drone before, or even been in the vicinity of one but I thought I would get this for my grandchild’s birthday. Needless to say, he’s not getting it because I kept it. I am addicted to this little toy and I am a grandmother of eight!